Real life scenarios added to the excellent learning materials and very interesting and amazing life skills to have and learn 10/10. Delyth Sambrook (March, 2020)

Excellent course, very well presented and interesting. Elizabeth Hall – Reception Manager (Feb, 2020)

The suicide prevention course has been fab! some really useful info, strategies and tips, feel much more confident now approaching someone in crisis. P.L. (Dec, 2018)

Quality of location 10/10
Quality of teaching 10/10
Knowledge and attitude of staff 10/10
Quality of practical equipment 10/10
Quality of handouts 10/10
Overall course satisfaction 10/10
Keep up the good work!

Craig Pooley – Research Technician,  (Aug, 2019)

A great Chemical First Aid course, well done!

SJ – Field service engineer. (March 2019)

Excellent delivering – Thank you. Professor Xianghua Xie (Nov, 2019)

Q. How can we improve?

A. “you can’t”

Brilliant – really enjoyed & found it really interesting. Thank you! – Sara Griffiths – Office Co-ordinator (March 2020)

Brilliant session and learnt so much. Engaging tutor so we could ask questions and the practical side was a great help too. K. Huxtable (Nov, 2019)

The tutors on the course I found to be very friendly and approachable. They were all very highly trained paramedics with extensive knowledge, gave us examples and made me feel very confident following the course to be able to use my skills in the future.

I would recommend ParamedicsRus to anyone wanting to do a first aid course. Claire Puxley – Estates, Finance Assistant. (Dec 2019)

Very friendly and approachable staff, great teaching strategies, handouts, videos and extra examples from the teachers. Really useful to know what to expect from real life situations. It was great, Thankyou!  Regina Khayrullina – Infrastructure Officer (Dec, 2019)


I thought it was really helpful to have the depth/speed gauge for compressions – it really helped getting the technique right. Overall course satisfaction 10/10. Rhiannon Sandy (Dec, 2019)

Excellent course. Trainers very knowledgable. Enjoyed stories about their practical experience. Loved the hands on experience and technology to enhance learning. Dr. Gill Conway. Lab Manager (Jan, 2020)

10/10 for quality of location

10/10 for quality of location

10/10 of knowledge and attitude of staff

10/10 for quality of practical equipment

10/10 for quality of handouts

10/10 for overall course satisfaction

10/10 for the course was tailored to meet your needs

Great course 🙂 Dr. Shane Heffernan. Lecturer. (Jan, 2020)

Incredible team, great delivery, good balance between taught and practicals. Fun due to the ‘race and compression’ tech. Computer Science IOC Fellow (Jan, 2020)

This course was so enjoyable. The instructors were great tutors. They are a credit to their profession. Thank you very much. Diolch! Christine Hammett. Administrator (Jan, 2020)

I really liked the more in depth background knowledge and real life stories. Should help to be more prepared and aware. More interesting than previous first aid courses. Glad about the inclusion of suicide prevention. Katherine Hooper. Researcher. (Jan, 2020)

Excellent course! Professor Carole Llewellyn (Feb, 2020)

10/10 for everything! Klaudia Rejnhard. Physics PHD student (Feb, 2020)

Very good course, staff very professional. Very happy. Kirsty Wooles, Nursery nurse (Feb, 2020)

10/10. No improvements needed 🙂 Emma Gordon, Nursery Nurse (Feb 2020)

Q. What was the best part of the course?

A. Reducing anxiety levels by having the course online during this pandemic – David Bale (Nov 2020)

Q. What was the best part of the course?

A. Refreshing all knowledge. Including  covid-19 content – Georgina Blow (Nov, 2020)

The quality of the teaching was 5 out of 5. The knowledge and attitude of the instructors was 5 out of 5. My overall satisfaction of the course was 5 out of 5. – Kathryn Lacey (Nov, 2020)

Q. What was the best bit about the course?

A. Basic life support and defib advice (and inclusion of COVID advice) – Jason Pitt (Nov, 2020)

The best bit about the course was keeping up to date with changes specifically with regards to Covid – Tom Cowles (Nov, 2020)

All of it was very useful. It has refreshed my memory and given me confidence to continue as a first-aider. – Jane Hurford (Nov, 2020)

Excellent quality first aid course, the best I have been on.  Michael Hendy – Aerospace teaching support technician. (Dec, 2020)

Thank you so much. Fantastic course. Delivered really well. Felt safe with the covid safety measures put in place. Really enjoyed. Jessica Bevan – Bioscience lab technician. (Dec, 2020)

The quality of teaching was 5/5.

The knowledge and attitude of the instructors was 5/5

How safe did you feel regarding the measures we have taken to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19 5/5

My overall satisfaction with this course is… 5/5

Jordan Poole – Sport & Recreation Duty Manager & Richard Sean Metcalfe – Lecturer in Sport Science (Dec, 2020)

Excellent first aid course taught by professionals. Becky Bolton – Research Assistant. (Dec, 2020)

The best first aid courses I have ever attended, thank you. Wendy Clarke – Senior Laboratory Technician (April 2021)

Very interesting course and teaching was brilliant; practical help was great too. Anna Zasheva – Scholarly Communications Assistant (April 2021)

The course was efficient, not covering old ground as a refresher, relevant and good examples provided. Thank you! Bryan Culliford – Sports Facilities Manager (April 2021)

Quality of teaching: 5 out of 5

Knowledge and attitude of staff: 5 out of 5

How safe did you feel regarding the measures we have taken to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19: 5 out of 5

My overall satisfaction with this course is: 5 out of 5

Yun Sun – Chef (April 2021)

Excellent course as always – Craig Robinson – Security First Responder (May 2021)

Brilliant instructor with first hand knowledge. Peter Strangward – Security officer (May 2021)

Everything was perfect, Tom is thorough and very professional  – Darren Lovell Security Supervisor  (May 2021)